The sympathetic resonator provides stable and coherent subtle energy influxes into the QLink wearer. This insures that the wearer will itself become more stable and coherent. The person is brought to a new coherent order with less fundamental internal noise. Any internal raw, relatively chaotic energy that could be counter to the system’s functioning is dramatically reduced.

Well, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately and a ‘new coherent order‘ sounds like just what the doctor ordered … and only £60!

The QLink is worn around the neck and is powered by the wearer. It requires no other power source. It is engineered with three main components:

  • The resonating cell has been programmed with SRTâ„¢ to resonate permanently with the optimum life-giving frequencies for the human energy system
  • The copper coil shapes the subtle energy field conducted by the resonating cell into a sphere surrounding the body. In effect, it creates a field that filters out unwanted energies.

Ooh, it’s all so technical and science-y sounding! I might even be impressed, except Bad Science reckons it’s a zero ohm resistor and a copper coil not connected to anything. Marvellous stuff.