I’ve just finished reading Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski, and my primary feeling on putting it down is profound irritation, because there’s a really good story in there … but that’s not the one that got written.

I’ve read a few books recently that have irritated me for the same reason – what I call the Da Vinci Code syndrome of far too many POVS, chapters so short most people would call them paragraphs, ‘heroes’ the reader doesn’t give a fig about by the end of the book, painfully underdeveloped supporting characters, clunking dialogue and a tendency to beat the reader over the head with plot points that anyone over the age of five could infer from decent writing. This, however, doesn’t seem to matter – make it ‘historical’, ‘epic’ and throw in a few half-baked plot points about missing artefacts and the Crucifixion and away you go.

Still, it beats chick lit