Seasons is the fifth expansion pack (EP) for the fantastically successful Sims 2 PC game and, as the name suggests, introduces seasonal variation into your Sims’ world. Rain, snow, heatwaves – no longer do Sims bask in a constant, monotonous mild summer.

I’ve been looking forward to this EP since it was announced and so far I’m impressed, even though I’ve only played through winter so far. The new graphics effects look great and don’t slow the system as much as I’d feared (running on an Athlon 64, 3GB RAM, 256MB ATi Radeon 9600 graphics card). In fact, the falling snow was realistic enough to make me shiver!

First snow
I do recommend getting the Prima game guide, because – as is usual with the Sims – there are an awful lot of things you might miss otherwise.

Despite managing to nearly kill one of my Sims in the first hour from hypothermia, I’m having a great time with this EP. There are some interesting new objects and the ability for the Sims to grow their own food is fantastic – and the greenhouses look good. Stackable inventories are a big step forward – no more scrolling past twenty identical items in the inventory! I’m not totally convinced about the new careers (space pirate??) but we’ll see.

Snow angel
Most hacks and downloads seem to work fine with this EP, although as usual I took the precaution of emptying my Downloads folder before I installed. The exception so far has been custom cars.