Until recently my web host was valuehost.co.uk. I’d been with them for about four years and generally been fairly happy despite the odd bit of downtime. In retrospect, and after reading various boards, I realise I was one of the lucky ones.

In December all my sites went phut. For days. Even when valuehost was back up I had no access to my sites. Their contact page is still a 404. Asking for support on the .ru site (who, to be fair, generally do respond) didn’t get me very far. Emails to their “careline” went unanswered.

So I switched. Wary, I got some recommendations and eventually went with BlueHost. An actual human being rang me to check that I was happy with my choice. WordPress was pre-installed. I was sold.

So what’s the moral of all this? It doesn’t take much to keep your customers informed. No reasonable persone expects perfection, or for a web hosting company never to have any problems. What they do take exception to is being ignored, and they take their business elsewhere.