Newsflash: 4x4s ‘more likely to roll in crash’

From the article:

Their larger mass and higher centre of gravity, which many parents feel is a safety plus, in fact make them more likely to run out of control if they hit an object or swerve suddenly.

Well, duh. Much as 4×4 owners like to bleat about how oppressed they are because most normal people, quite rightly, detest their smug selfishness and utter indifference to other road users and pedestrians, the fact is those vehicles are not pleasant and/or predictable to drive, if you actually view driving as a pleasurable activity rather than a chore. Every 4×4 I have ever driven (as lease cars, I hasten to add) has been horrendously unstable under braking and in corners, as well as pitifully slow in terms of acceleration. I’ve never felt more safe in one than I would in a normal car and the lack of visibility is distinctly unnerving.

Also (and this is my pet peeve I must confess) if your husband/wife/partner/whatever is that bad a driver that you don’t trust them with a normal car, don’t give them a bloody tank to mow down innocent pedestrians – take their driving licence off them and buy them a bike instead!