The Sims 2 EP5 – Seasons – is released in the UK on 2nd March. In short:

  • Benefit from Each Season Seasons impact your Sims’ relationships, moods, wants, and fears.
  • Share New Activities New ways for your Sims, their families, and friends to have fun together! Build snowmen, splash in the pool, play catch, and go ice skating.
  • Reap the Fruits of Your Sims’ Labors Harvest fruits and veggies all year round and blend love potions, energy drinks, health boosters, and more.
  • Master New Talents Join the Gardening Club for tips on how to make your garden blossom, and reap the rewards! Catch fresh fish to grill on the barbeque but beware surprising catches!
  • Explore 6 New Careers Do your Sims crave the life of an adventurer or gamer? Perhaps they’d rather explore music, law, journalism, or education? Fun reward objects like a heavy metal guitar await your Sims with each new career path.
  • Dress for the Season Dress your Sims in seasonal outfits including Winter coats, gloves, ear muffs, raincoats, and Summer dresses.
  • Fun New Items Decide the season with the weather control device, grow fruits and veggies in the greenhouse, slip in the skating rink, make a wish at the wishing well, and add fun with a pool slide.




I have to say that this is the expansion I am looking forward to more than any since Nightlife. It looks incredible and I just hope my overworked graphics card can cope.